Spiritiual Warfare:

Spiritual warfare is not a topic I write about particularly willingly, or out of simple curiosity - so let me give it to you in plain black and white. There are some things that the average person does not need to know, and too much information on this particular subject can lead to nothing but trouble for the reader. I have been training for this work all my life. Most readers have not.

So I will keep it light, and brief.

Rule number one of spiritual warfare is that demons lie. They lie better than humans tell the truth. Their lies are so perfect, so founded in logic and commonsense, that the only thing that makes them anything less than true is a moment's hesitation that the human spirit feels when you hear them - but you quickly learn to ignore that, if you want to.

A person who willingly co-operates with demons (devils) loses all sense of reality. They define their safety by what the demons teach them, just as many of us do through our angel contact. The difference is that the angels do not lie, nor twist the truth in such ways that the outcome is a loss for their victim, starting in small ways, and leading to states of mental illness from simple paranoid right through to catatonia - where the soul is locked in a body that will no longer respond to its commands, and the torment within that physical husk continues until death. At death the Dark can no longer control you, but you still have to be rescued, for the events of your life, and what you have been taught, create barriers between you and Healing that have to be broken through or torn down. (see Spirit Rescue)

I have had a number of people argue with me about demons over the years, all with the same set of beliefs, and almost the same words. Seeing the pattern of the words is like a switch going off inside my head 'here be demons'. And so I will write here how I answer them, knowing full well they do not want to see or hear anything I have to say .. but I will write it anyway ...

Dear ....

I want you to read what I write. You don't have to believe, or agree with it, just read it through. You can delete it then, and never talk with me again, or not, as that is your choice.

Believe me when I say I understand every word you are writing. I have walked this path for a very long time.

A person who begins to interact with demons/devils/fallen angels still in the dark open themselves to all sorts of problems. It may seem to begin very well. Demons will start by giving the person anything they want, generally without limits. They will weave an energy around their intended recipient that feels so magical, so wonderful .. so enticing, like a spider weaves a web. Their intent is to have the person trust them completely, to believe everything the demon tells them, to have them act on every request and follow their every human impulse, whether it is healthy for them in the long term, or short term; to overshadow their human free will until the person no longer knows what is right or wrong, or up or down, or logical or illogical - without the person realising it. They lose themselves in the fascination of the Dark.

You have expressed a demonic lie here in your email. The angels say DON'T when something is not safe for the person they are protecting. For them to say DON'T the action must be very serious, for they honour your freewill and do not want to take it away from you. An angel is not an evil being, it gives you Love it does not drain your energy. Demons will drain you dry, beginning slowly until they are firmly attached, and then taking anything they need anytime, regardless of the effect it has on you. They do not care if you die. Their core nature is based on hatred of humans, and they will use the angels as an excuse for their behaviour and as a something to 'blame' when things start going wrong.

It is not the angels that insert unloving words into your thinking. They inspire love. It is their core nature. But demons will twist your thinking until you no longer know who is actually speaking to you. This is oppression. This is how humans go mad, and in their madness feed the demonic entities that are attached to them.

How do I know who is speaking - a lifetime, many lifetimes, in training and experience for my role here on Earth.

You said that I would understand you in the blink of an eye, I understood you long before that. You write the same as so many other oppressed people that I have communicated with through this medium. You see, demons are limited in their thinking because they are controlled by egos far more powerful than the human ones they try to control. And the oppressed react from that same ego pattern. Demons may not have collective consciousness but they are far from the unique individuals they think they are.

So I will challenge you - I copied the Michael's invocation here. Begin by wrapping a white light shield with rainbows around yourself and then say the Invocation.

Archangel Michael,
Remove all attachments from me,
All negative energy forms,
All negative thought forms,
All heavy energy forms.
All intruders and mischief makers,
All astral forces and dominants,
All small demons and large demons,
including succubus and incubus.
All living humans who try to steal my energy,
Or do me any other harm,
Find all humans in Spirit who are Lost around me,
and take them Home.
Remove all threads and bindings
All cords and ties
All chains and devices of any kind
All curses and hexes on any level
And all karmic patterns which are self-defeating
Return me to my perfect energy now please

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ,
Thank you.

For more information on the Michael Invocation go here.

Then you will write back to me and say either that you didn't need to do it, or nothing happened when you did. Or you might not want to do it because you know it won't work, or isn't necessary. I've heard them all. Try it anyway.

But if the voice of reason does slip in, and I've made the request that it does - we can help.

And the answer is always - 'why should I?' or I don't feel like it. And you know they are lost .. for now.

Different sorts of Demons

I know any number of people who did not believe in demons until they were attacked by them. Many of them didn't even believe in a God in any form. Some of them fooled with ouija boards and one, a story I will briefly tell now .. didn't even know anything about the occult or spirituality until two months before she was oppressed. She had never touched an ouija, nor heard of one - and the deepest she had dipped into spirituality was Louise Hay. She was not from a church family. She had not been married in church. She is in her late 30's, a mother of three kids, and living a very 'normal' life.

So why her? Good question. Perhaps it was the energy of her beliefs? Or was she in the wrong place at the wrong time? We don't really know.

She lives in a town over an hour from here (in 2005). She saw my face in an advertisement on a page in the local newspaper about horoscopes - how I ended up on that page is another story - she rang me. She said "I know you can help me. I don't know how I know but I do. I have to come and see you."

Since I was going to her town to work in a few days I suggested she see me then, but no - "I'll be dead by then" .. and she meant it.

Now this woman is level-headed and smart and funny. When she arrived at my healing business she was fractured and holding herself together by a thread - the thread being her nine year old son who had insisted on driving up (we are up the mountain) with her. She told me, when we were alone, that she only made it because he was in the car. She fought for both of them on the drive up.

The thing that possessed her, that was attached into her energy, looked like a giant crustaean. Low in intelligence, it was smart enough to get a good feed from her. It was a human-created being (called daemon), created by people who have not learned to control their negative emotions - and it was attached right through her energy body (auric field) and it was draining her, like you drink a milk-shake through a straw.

When it was gone she felt instantly better - not healed, just relieved of the intense pressure she had been under - the mental confusion, the anger and fear that kept overwhelming her. It took many weeks before she felt truly improved - but not like her old self - because that person is now long gone. You cannot be touched by the dark without being changed.

I called the entity that possessed her a small demon (or daemon) because it lacks the intelligence of a true Fallen Angel. It had been created by the collecting of negative energy that humans express. Whatever the emotion, the bubbles of it are magnetic and attract like to like. When it gets big enough to recognise it is hungry it will attach itself to anyone who expresses the same 'frequency' of energy that it produces - enhance that emotion, encourage it in its victim, and then live off it. Like any parasite it usually ends up killing the victim in one way or another.

And I have other stories.

The ostrich syndrome is not going to protect anyone if the demonic decide to visit. You don't have to believe in them, but you will once they get started. Pretending they don't exist, or 'truly believing' it, is just fine, but don't think it will protect you if you are noticed. It won't.

How do you define a genuine evil being?

To give you my frame of reference ..

Lost souls - humans who do not leave this plane when they die.
I usually call them ghosts.
- opposite is -
Spirits - those humans who have gone into Healing/Heaven/whatever you want to call it.
They come back and visit, they do no harm.

Demons - the major/stronger being fallen angels, have no love for humanity.
- opposite is -
Angels of various types, levels and strengths.

Daemon - beings created by man in various different way,
and devils, created by demons,
designed to harass, impede, and harm in all ways, their human targets
- their opposite -
human created beings of a Lighter note, sometimes seen as sylphs,
and Humans in Spirit who act as guides for the living.

Getting back to lost souls - there are many different 'levels' here, just as there are many different types of humans, and human emotions. In our material world some people choose to be saints, and others choose to be murderers or molesters, or whatever (the lighter people generally go straight into healing when they die) .. in the latter case they remain that way until they receive healing and release their attachment to being that particular 'personality' they choose to be. All of these beings have the capacity to drain core energy from humans to remain on this plane. I've had experiences with some real nasties, and I've met some 'people' who just needed a gate Home.

Psychic vampires are living humans who choose to take energy from others - not through the usual exchange we all do, but because of a need. Most of them don't realise they are doing it, they just feel better after 'talking' to someone - those that do it 'because they can', and with intent to harm (and I've met a few) are more of a problem. I am not including those people who know they can do this, and exchange willingly with another person who feels the same way. That's different.

I've met demons pretending that they are human ghosts. I've met elementals pretending the same - they also have their Light/Dark balance.

A lost soul is simply a confused human being. They exist within the negativity they have created around themselves. They feed on the energy of humanity, because it is all they can access to 'survive', and their intention is the same as when they were living - the murderer seeks to murder, the molester to molest, the guilty to feel guilty, the lovelorn to feel their lack of love. But they are human, and they can be saved. They are not 'pretending' to be anything. And they are no more 'evil' than they were when they were alive.

But the demonic is different - they will pretend to be human to get what they want - but they do not do this forever - it is to their advantage to show their true natures to their victims at the 'right' time.

Demons and Devils ...

It would be very easy to define demons and devils as different entities, and in a way they are, but they are created from the same energies, both human and angelic, the greater demons being fallen angels, and the lesser like golem, manifest from a part of the 'self' (fallen angel or human) energy of the creator.Of the greater demons, an anger demon inhabits a world of anger, it is, in a sense, the human emotion they are created from, and that is normal for them. Home for them will be a place that resonates to that particular energy. This is the same for other demonic forms such as jealousy, loathing, fear or wrath. They have too much emotional resentment tied up in what they lost (their angelic form, although they will deny any connection to it) rather than seeing any benefit in being where they are.

Demons (fallen angels) will possess a person because they feel like it. Of course it is for their benefit, the energy they receive from the trapped human is wonderful .. for them. The harm they do is also 'wonderful', because that is what they live for. Be under no illusions, demons hate humans and blame them for 'everything', regardless of whether they can remember what the 'everything' is.

The Choice of Fallen angels ..

Fallen angels chose to fall from Heaven. They will argue against this point, and have done with me, but the memory of it is in their genetic core. God, or Spirit, whichever name suits you best, wanted to learn about all 'its' nature, and the reverse of Love is also part of 'its' nature. In my understanding, God spoke to one of the Elohim and asked 'her' to become the opposite of Light. She is called Samael, Angel of Illumination - and illumination means, in that case, the bringing in of knowledge. So she fell into darkness, and took one third of the angels/elohim with her.

Every being needs a home and Earth was given to Samael as her home, and the place where she and her followers felt most comfortable - a world of chaos and illusion. The humans chose to follow in three stages, and that is why the Christian church writes that humans are fallen .. hence Adam and Eve.

Now, there is a redeeming factor here. When a Fallen 'wakes up' and remembers who they are they can go Home again. It is not easy but it does happen. When they get Home they go back into the energy of the 'Creator' and are Accepted. You could call that forgiveness, but to forgive you first have to judge and God doesn't judge - unconditional love is unconditional. Then they are asked to redeem themselves, to rebalance what they have done - karma - and they go and work 'for' the humans, rather than against them.

I've seen fallen angel guides, and fallen angel people. They don't have an easy time on the planet, as I said earlier, because they are also recognised by the devils and demons. They make great energy workers. They have the memory of working 'magic' or energy, and also the capacity to do it again if they will dedicate themselves to the learning. What they also have is a huge sense of responsibility towards humans and guilt .. plenty of guilt (and when they first are redeemed they also have plenty of resentments to work through on their karma journey). They have to grow out of that or it will send them into sorrow again, and a Child of Light in the dark is scarey, but it never lasts long.

Other Forms of Negative energy - an event

I went there to meet a Reiki group in February of 2005 in London. I didn't like the building the first time I went in there and asked the lady running it to pick another location for this next meeting. She didn't. She just moved us downstairs into the 'dungeon' (used for dungeon themed dinners). I walked into the place, and straight through at high speed trailing the chairs I had just picked up and took us out onto the terrace outside. I then went and asked the owner if we could use the space, and then told the organiser lady what I had done. She was happy, she didn't like the feel of the place much either.

The whole reiki session Spirit would not let me work on anyone. I could 'ground' anyone who was floating (energetically) .. which was most of them and not normal for reiki practice groups, but that was all. I started to feel very hyperactive and very stressed and in the end told my friend Stefan I was leaving. He came with me since we had arrived together and by the time I got home I was feeling sick, and an hour later I could not move my head without wanting to throw up and having the world spin in an alarming fashion. However I could, and did, eat dinner - all the while thinking how odd it was, but I was starving. I missed my mouth a few times with the fork because I was unco-ordinated, and in the end went and laid on my bed unable to stand up anymore without falling over. I walked down the hall to my room with one hand on each wall to keep me stable.

I was still unbalanced a few hours later when my daughter rang from Australia and Stefan handed me the phone. I could talk to her lying flat on the bed, but if I moved, so did the whole world .. whirling and twisting.

In the morning the guides reminded me to wash myself psychically. I couldn't hear them earlier because I was too unbalanced but the message was with me as I woke up. My poor body. I did what they asked and about an hour later I was feeling well enough to sit up without being sick.

I am still not sure what the entity was that I picked up but the effect was wild. I don't intend to repeat it. I remembered feeling slimed .. that info came through with the message from my guides as I woke up. A big picture of Slimer from the ghostbusters movies. :-)

Something to avoid. Trust your gut reaction. If a place you have just arrived in doesn't feel good, don't stay there.

Thanks to those with the patience to read to the end. I would add just one more comment .. don't expect trouble. Not everyone will be afflicted by things they cannot see or explain. But it does happen.

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