The Fallen Angel is not a Spirit Guide

" Stephanie Pui-Mun Law"

Why would some have guides they don't trust completely? How can you know when the information you think is right, is actually right? Some people would say 'we just know it' but quite honestly, a lot of time you won't know for certain if the entity that is pretending to be a guide is actually a liar, and a very good one, as some of them can be. You have to use discernment, matching words and wisdom, actions and reactions - yours and the entity who says it is a guide.

I once had a fallen angel try to pretend to be one of the Michael I work with. He even tried to replace my personal guardian. In the beginning I wasn't sure if I was misinterpreting something I took as core value - guardian angels never change - but within a few hours I was twitchy and uncertain.

Within a day or so I was 'looking' at that character with fascination born of disgust. He might have been a Michael angel, but he was the strangest one I had ever met. He said things he didn't mean, and advised things in a fast and odd way that in no way matched the behaviour of the other Michaels I had around me.

Within a day I knew something was different about him, and then that something was wrong, and I began examining the situation analytically, which he found most amusing. In the end I realised that 'yes, he was an angel, but that he was very dark .. In other words, 'He' was my first fallen angel. Then he began playing tricks, and that is when I labelled him a trickster.

I allowed him to stay near me because I wanted to see exactly what he would get up to. It wasn't until the next day or so that my friend Heather, in America (I'm in Australia), rang another friend in London and DEMANDED that he ring me and tell me to get rid of that character that I finally woke up to the pattern I was weaving around myself. The Dark ones want us to interact with them, and they will do whatever they can to draw us in.

Well, I rang Heather and she was very angry with me. That was a very strange lesson for me, but a good warning for others. Sometimes our 'guides' are not what we think they are. You have to be very careful with any 'guide' that you cannot lovingly and wholeheartedly trust.
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