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What is a ghost?

A ghost is a disembodied spirit who has not released their attachment to their ego, or the life they just lived. They have not gone 'into the Light', or a Heaven of some kind, or wherever you think you go after you die, to find peace and healing; instead they have turned their backs on that natural gate, or denied it, or not seen it, or 'woken up' in shock and decided not to go - for reasons such as

'I can't leave my family',
'I'm not dead',
'I'm too young'
'I'm not ready'
'It's not fair',

or 'I'm too frightened of what will happen to me there
- judgment,
- hell,
- annilihation,
- 'nirvana' - which is a lovely state but also means the total dissoluation of the 'self' and some people like to keep their
  personalities intact

and many other reasons as there are people on the planet.

It is wise to divide spirits into two categories

- Visitors - who are people who have died and gone through the Healing process which we all need and come back to visit
  (hence the name), and

- Lost souls (ghosts)- as described above. They hang around the living and generally end up causing problems, particularly
  if they are not family members, who might be kinder to the living, or not, depending on the type of person they were when
  they had their body.

Here is a wider explantion

Ego drives the living, much as we would like to deny it. Ego also drives the dead, until they cross over and become 'Spirit' again. Not 'a' spirit, but reconnect to Source (or God, or Allah, or whatever you want to call the Creator energy). They are then their true self, not just the self-focused personalities that we all are during each human lifetime.

It's very easy to become a ghost. All you have to do is to refuse to exit the planet's energy. No one can force you to leave, but once you make that choice you become a 'lost soul', who remains connected to the earth's energy by your emotions created by your ego. Given that the ego can drive us to murder and mayhem, it's not a good thought. And you get hungry .. for company, for recognition, for energy, for peace, for a sense of safety, for knowing 'who' you are, because even that gets lost after a very long time. Even if you chose to stay for a good reason, such as 'I can't leave my family in crisis', in the end, you'll probably be the crisis, because they will eventually move on, but you, the ghost trapped in a bubble of the pain and fear that made you make the decision to stay in the first place, are still reliving that decision, over and over again. And then the generations pass, and the people you loved die and become Spirit and you are still trapped, but now with people you don't recognise, and perhaps in a location that you also donít recognise, or remember anymore.

It's even easier to become a spirit, you just have to not refuse to go. If we were computers we'd all default to our hard-drive heaven. We all crave heaven, regardless of whether we understand this feeling or not, or even acknowledge it. It's the call to 'home' that sometimes has us lonely for 'something', or 'someone', even if we are not sure where or who. And as a spirit you can come and visit anytime time you like. You feel 'light', not weighed down by all those sad and difficult emotions that every person experiences once in a while, or too much. But dying is not a solution to earthly problems, because if we choose to do it too soon (commit suicide) we have to experience the lifetime, in all its complications, all over again, until we work through all the challenges we set for oureselves before we came into the world.

I won't debate reincarnation with you, just say that, having been a ghost, remembering being one, and remembering lives between lives, its important to fight hard to stay within each lifetime, because second-time around, you get a lot of deja vus, and some can really hurt.

Why ghosts haunt people.

Ghosts connect to people because of emotion. While living, a person might have loved or hated the individual they haunt now. As a ghost they would look for that person, or someone with the same type of energy output, or the same emotional responses, to try and continue feeling the way they do now they are ghosts. For example, an angry ghost seeks out angry people, and in connecting to them makes the living angrier. A frightened ghost might do the same. A person who died in shock might seek out someone in shock, or in a coma, and in doing so deepen the shock or coma for the living person. This might be a family member, close friend or a person they have never met.

These days some ghosts are connected to people for a good 'feed' of their energy, and have no emotional or genetic connection at all. This is not a new occurrence. There have been mention of hauntings and possessions back into prehistory. It is not all demonic. I've done healing for people who had 'an old friend' in their energy. I once had lunch with a lady whom I first met because she had a 'friend', who had just died, wrapped around her neck. He was frightened and had come to her because she has good energy and knew him. He was very grateful to know he would be safe and happy when he went Home. He came back to her afterwards and thanked her. This sort of situation is not unusual.

If the body of a person is cremated against their will they might be very angry, and even let their family know by haunting them a bit, but hopefully the ghost won't make too big an issue of it and go Home (into Healing) once they have expressed their opinion. I think they would have other, larger, issues that would make them stay on the earth plane, rather than just being returned to ashes. So a person's death bed wishes should always be considered. I have many experiences in dealing with spirits and ghosts, and long conversations with with some of them, and have yet to have one say they were actually upset because their body was cremated. It's more often what they did, or said, or believed, that keeps them trapped. Half of them don't even know where they were buried, depending on their 'age' - the length of time they have been lost, or even where they are now - such as the Japanses lady who thought we were all her servants and she was still in feudal Japan. It is only us, the living, with our splendid and demanding egos, that think our bodies are more important than our spirit. We quickly change our minds once we go Home.

Other reasons why they stay

- Hauntings by people seeking revenge, or recognition for some event such as the victim haunting the murder

- Hauntings of sites of great trauma such as scenes of battles, or sites of many deaths (at crossroads, sites of gallows, hospitals
  of many kinds, prisons etc) leave wounds more than physical and 'emotional signatures on the energy of the location', which can
  be called 'Memory in the walls', or Residual energy 'ghosts'. More on that later ..

- Traumas to children can also leave their mark, and trap a child outside heaven. Often these children will seek out others to play with, either living or dead like themeslves. For the most part they mean no harm, but a child ghost is still a hungry ghost, and no one should be trapped outside of healing.

When I was in England at the beginning of 2005 I was asked to check out the 'playmate' of a young man of five in an old house in Callander. The ghost boy came through the windows at the top of the house and into the five year old's room. He was from a time of serfs and servants from his clothes. The two boys would play for hours. That was a very happy household, also a busy bed and breakfast, so there was plenty of living visitors for the ghost to take energy from, and the living boy enjoyed the company, but what would happen when he grew up and his ghostly companion didn't? There was also the old man still smoking his pipe at the very top of the house, just outside the bathroom door .. only the bathroom had been installed after he died. As far as he was concerned he was still standing outside his house on the balcony, because his wife wouldn't let him smoke in the house.

Neither of these ghosts were unhappy, but the world around them had changed profoundly, and yet they didn't see that.

Unfinished Business - it is nearly all unfinished business

As I wrote earlier, when someone dies they usually 'default to heaven'. No one automatically becomes a ghost. A person who chooses to stay on the earth after they die feels they have unfinished business. It is not just for people who have been murdered or die suddenly. I've met many ghosts whose unfinished business is something so small and insignificant that you wonder how they got trapped in it in the first place. How important something is is relative to the person experiencing it.

Every ghost can be 'busted', though I prefer the word Rescued. Think of it this way. When a person dies with unfinished business they create a bubble of energy around themselves that repeats and repeats the 'lesson' they are trying to learn (the unfinished pattern). What a Spirit Rescuer does is to provide energy to break the bubble. This can happen in a lot of different ways. Sometimes we simply show them a possible ending, a way they can 'go' to finish what they need to (energy follows thought).

Sometimes we open a gate in front of them and bring out 'helpers' (angels, or family and friends in spirit who are waiting for them and take them into Healing) and sometimes we, if the ghost is particularly nasty, enclose it in a different sort of bubble and shift it straight into healing and let the healers there take care of breaking the patterns.

Sometimes we find the people that are ready to be rescued, or they find us, because their 'bubbles' start springing little holes and they see our Light and are attracted to it. We become part of the pattern that they can see, where before that they were totally focused on their process.

And then there are also different sorts of 'ghosts' .. not a person without a body, but a marking of a place or territory by events so traumatic, so emotional, that they leave an imprint of all the people involved. This imprint repeats itself over and over .. but not necessarily every day .. sometimes it is just to mark a certain date on the calendar, like a great battle ... and so we call them -

Anniversary ghosts

And to add to the situation, you can get ghosts attached to such events, adding mayhem to the memory.

For example, I once lived in a flat in North Sydney that only came really spookily alive once a year. The owners didn't tell us about it before we moved in, but did say everyone moves out about the same date. You can read about it here: (Haunted Flat)

And then there are:

- Family visits

My Grandmother's Visits, only my grandmother was a ghost, but I didn't know it at the time.

- Lost souls who used to live on the property and haven't left yet

like the young boy in Callandar, and then there are those spirits who love their house and keep coming back Ö check out my page about Ghost Tours I have done'

Lost Souls and graveyards

I don't believe that all entities that hang around graveyards are human, some are drawn there because of the collective sorrow of those people who come to visit their loved ones. It's a good feeding ground for energy of many different sorts, including anger. And ghosts can wander from graveyard to graveyard following the leylines that connect the churches together these days.

I have been in a lot of cemeteries over the years. I used to play in one as a child. The only ghost I ever met there was a black and white cat. I was nine at the time. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I finally met a ghost in the Melbourne Cemetery - a Jewish lady still caught up in the second world war, although she had lived a large part of her life here in Australia. It doesn't have to be a recent event that traps a person outside of heaven, sometimes it can be something from children that they have not let go of, even if they say they have during their lives. I crossed her over.

According to tradition (whether Christian or pagan, I don't remember), the only ghost that remains in a cemetery is the first body buried there. That I've found to be true. The others that remain are usually Christians (no disrespect to anyone, I'm one too) who hold the belief that they must wait to be resurrected from their bodies at the 'second coming'. Some people (ghosts) remain because they think they cannot go back to the house they lived in, they would not be welcome there, so they stay where they think they can be found again. And, yes, some are still very connected to who they were - represented by their bodies.

One very interesting 'dream' (which wasn't one) I had a few years ago was based at Highgate Cemetary in London. In the vision there were quite a few of us wandering the cemetary grabbing hold of people's hands and pulling them out of the ground. We would say something like, 'Resurrection is here, you can go Home'. I was, and am still, living in Australia at the time. The movie 'What dreams may come' had a scene much like that a few years later, where the hands of lost souls were sticking out of the mud and Robin Williams pulled his wife out.

Why we rescue lost souls ...

Directing a ghost into the Light does not always work. Some go very willingly when shown the direction, and some just run the other way at high speed, and get on with their mischief, if they can. It's with those where the core of my work is done, either personally or through sessions in the Rescue Circles I have run. We take the real trouble makers and have them 'escorted' into Healing - which is where we all spend a little time when we die. We've had many of those lost souls return to thank us for the work. That's incredibly satisfying. :-)

Attached ghosts. People come to me for healing when a ghost has attached itself to them and is haunting them. There is a huge difference between the ghost attaching itself and me choosing to allow one to connect to me. Ghosts need energy to communicate, and manifest, and so they feed off anyone they are connected to, as well as from the energy in the atmosphere. (Which is why the room temperature, and the core temperature of the people, go down rapidly when ghosts are around.) Quite often they do not mean to do this, or are not aware consciously that they are, but the ones that have been lost for a long time quickly learnwhere their 'food' comes from, and can mess up your energy very fast.

Using your senses ...

Going slightly off topic here, but .. Yes, other people can sense when a ghost is present within someone's aura, but not a lot of people want to do this consciously. They just feel very uncomfortable around the person and start avoiding contact with them. This can be painfully disconcerting forthe person concerned because they might not even be aware of the ghost to begin with, but after a while they will become sensitized to the presenceand feel a need to get it off them. That's usually when they seek healing. But if the ghost is a stronger personality the person might end up diagnosed as schizophrenic, or paranoid, when by then, the ghost might have invited a few of his/her 'friends' to join the feast.

This is one of the reasons why dabbling in the 'occult' is not recommendedas a safe pastime. You usually have no idea of what, or whom, you will attract.

Ghost Tours and Ghost Hunting ...

Ghost Tours can be fun, as long as they are well run, and not just us dropping into an abandoned house with a K2 meter and desire to be frightened.

I went to visit a haunted house here in Wagga Wagga NSW Australia called Monte Cristo (see Ghost Tours), and have done many more tours since. During the tour I had a strong sense of presence (a ghost!) a few times and had my hair stroked once, but only one other person (in the group of ten) felt anything, although most of them seemed to want to.

Often you will find that although a person expresses a strong desire to see/feel/interact with ghosts in those circumstances they are actually too scared of what might happen, and express an energy that disallows contact, unless the entity is very negative and likes to upset people. We thicken the outside of our auras as a natural shield, which to some degree repels ghosts, and send out an energy message that says 'not me'. We do it subconsciously most of the time, and consciously when we get 'scared'. But .. the scared feeling, or excitement, which is a different interpretation of the same energy reaction .. is actually solar plexus chakra speeding up to help us contact the non-living beings who operate on a higher frequency. Like speeding up a vehicle.

Talking to Visiting Spirits is different from Talking to Ghosts ...

Most people can sense ghosts, and everyone gets visits from friendly spirits, it is up to us to decide that we 'can' do it - and then wait for it to happen. It doesn't always happen. As I read in a book recently, mediums are born that way, you either have the gift or you don't. And no amount of 'development circles' is going to enhance a gift that doesn't exist, much as you might wish it would. While it might seem like a fun hobby, or a great way to make an income, the truth is, being a medium costs the person far more in energy and life force than they generally realise, and they can be adversely influenced by ghosts, particularly if their calling is to be a Rescuer, rather than just have a chat with a Spirit. Communicating with the dead can also become an obsession, which leads to playing with equipment such as ouija boards and EVP machines. The ouija is just plain dangerous, connecting, as it does, to the Void where nastier entities that ghosts hang out, and listening to dead people on digital recorders might seem fun, but when it takes you away from your real life experiences, to the point of isolating you from your living friends, then its a habit that should be broken! Life is for living. We are dead for a very long time, and alive for a very short time. We should be focusing on LIFE.

If there is a spirit/ghost following you around they might just have a message. Find a quiet place to sit down and relax, and ask them to tell you. Whatever comes to mind first may well be the message (perhaps in symbolic form to be thought about). Our minds love to complicate things -but everything is simple and easy to understand in Spirit. If they make youfeel tired, cold, lost or sad, tell them to 'back off' and really mean it. Then cross your arms across your chest and imagine drawing all your energyin around you tight. The spirit cannot then attach, if it has not already done so.

Spirit Guides are not ghosts in any form ...

Spirit guides are not ghosts, nor relatives closer than great-great grandparents. My grandmother was my teacher for a long time, but she was not my guide, she was a ghost. She finally went Home when I was twenty-nine.

There is a huge difference between a trained spirit guide and an ordinary human Spirit. Guides have special training before they go to work. They must develop the detachment needed to act as the angels do - with love but without judgment or attachment to any outcomes. Otherwise they interfere in free will - which is not allowed under the 'guidelines'. Any ghost that pretends to be a guide or angel, and when caught says something like 'just kidding', is using you for a meal. Any message you received from a being you think is a 'guide', that criticises you in any way or form, is not from a trained Spirit guide. Whether they are human or not, they never judge. And that can be a real challenge, particularly for family members in heaven, which is why a guide from your immediate family is never closer to you than great great grandparent, and even then that is very usual. So Anty Jane and Uncle Fred and your dad are NOT guides, or angels. Humans do not become angels when they die.

Rescuing Lost Souls can be as easy as ...

You could try a very simple technique. I do this with ghosts, but also when I'm checking the sex of unborn children.

Ask yourself "Is the ghost a man or woman"? Do this by saying to yourself - 'does it feel like me'? If it doesn't, it is a man (or a woman, as the case may be). Strange, or too simple, as it might sound, it often works well.

The other thing you can do is ask it to talk to you, and then ask it its name. Whatever name comes to mind first, without you double guessing or 'trying' to get it, is usually right - or well might be the one that the ghost will answer to.

Then call it by that name.

You can ask your guardian angel, who stands behind your right shoulder, one of Archangel Michael's guardians, to talk to the ghost and see if it wants to go into the Light, which I call Home. The ghost may go willingly.

If it doesn't, then ask your Michael (guardian) to 'Find' the lost soul and 'Take' it into healing. The FIND command gives the angel permission to see the ghost, even if it decides it doesn't want to be seen, and the TAKE command allows the angel to place its hand on the ghost's shoulder, and not take it off again until they both cross into healing.

You never know, the next visit from that 'ghost' may well be to say thank you.

No one truly wants to stay lost, once they know the Light of healing again. Some ghosts are lost and need the Light, and others are just visiting.

If you have a problem ghost you can contact me here Ama Nazra

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