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Chesterfield House, Talbot

Here I was with the group from Lantern Ghost Tours, invited as the chief medium to visit the historic towns of Talbot and Ararat, the first for Chesterfield House, which is now a bed and breakfast, and the second for the JWard Lunatic Asylum. Both places are obviously haunted, and as it was a very busy weekend, I have told the story on separate webpages, which you can access here.

Chesterfield House & JWard Asylum Weekend Ghost Tour

Williamstown, Victoria

Now this has been my best ghost tour to date. The guide, Pauline, was clear, concise and informative, with a little bit of fun thrown in, and she obviously enjoyed what she was doing. I had a lot of ghost contact, and a strong sense of being followed on a couple of occasions. We have orbs in some of our photos, which is always a treat for me. For more information about the night, because there is too much to write here, check out my blogs

Walhalla, Victoria, Australia

I went expecting to have a good walk in the dark with lanterns, and to hear a few ghost stories. The guide, Jacquie, did a very good job. Thank you. She filled us in on all the lighter details, and the hauntings there are light. I am not sure if they intended it that way, but the town, while a mining town, does Not have any truly negative energy, nor nasty ghosts hanging around. And that is great! But not so great for me, who doesn't see spirits easily. Hmmm... So the few touches of spooks in this town was the old man with whiskers (a miner I think) staying in the cottage with us, he 'appeared to be ' pacing the verandah while Tom took a nap, and the strong sense of the mischief of children (they were playing on a thin path up near the 'incline shaft' - something their parents would not have been happy about) - and the looming presence that Tom felt behind him, that I usually never sense because it is not negative at all, just bossy sometimes. And those two were on the night tour, our verandah visitor was mid afternoon.There was only one truly negative spot on the walk, and that was to the left of the old school, now the environmental centre. I don't know what was built there before, I intend to find out eventually.

Port Arthur, Tasmania

I love the region around Port Arthur, for a site with such a turbulent past, it is very peaceful. I found this ghost tour very interesting, very well done, and easily repeatable. I did not find it horrifying, or very frightening. Actually, the most frightening part of the tour, for the others in the group, is some young people play acting being foxes or wolves in the far distance, or so it seemed, until they jumped out and 'booed' the group. They had trespassed from the motel on the hill and were quickly seen off the premises. The history, and sorrow, of this place makes for many ghosts, but the most I remember were the children, playing on the grassy areas under the prison buildings, and a sense of them in one of the houses. The saddest room is what you might call the morgue, where the practice of cutting up the patients before they were dead did teach the 'doctor' a lot about anatomy. The ghost there was a very tall, cadaverous, starving man whom they had drugged into submission. He made me feel very sick, before I sent him into healing. There would be other to take his place.

Richmond, Tasmania

This ghost tour was an interesting assortment of stories of tours past, but very little action. The storyteller was very good, and I remember he didn't want to give up the ghost in his flat, even though she was causing him some problems. Richmond is a fascinating historical town that reminds me very much of England. I will be happy to return there. If you enjoy good stories, and a lovely walk through the night, this is a good ghost tour to experience. I think you have to remember to stay on the road in front of the clock tower, the ghost doesn't like people on the pavement. Have I got that the right way around? Experience it and tell me...

Monte Cristo, Junee, Australia

This is the first 'official' haunted house I ever visited, after years of going into ghost ridden homes to help to clear out trapped and unwanted lost souls. I liked the two storey country house near Wagga Wagga, and as a place to visit I heartily recommend it. The owners offered dinner and a tour near midnight. All very exciting. :-)

What happened? Hmm.. well I arrived at the house in the afternoon and had a good wander around, read some of the literature, looked at lots of photos of orbs .. not much else .. settled into my room eventually, and looked forward to the night. I had a good chat to the owners. They were very helpful and friendly. They provided a great roast dinner, and then the fun began. A group of about 20 of us wandered around the house being filled in on the various ghosts that resided there, including a haunted bed. In the front sitting room I felt a hand brush over my hair, very spooky. But that was it. No ghosts leaping out of the woodwork, no scarey voices or noises, no conversations in other rooms just heard by any of us. Sigh!And so about 1.00am I went to bed, and worried myself silly about waking up and suddenly seeing a ghost for at least the next hour. Given that I had driven 11 hours to be there, and stayed up way past my bedtime, I was pretty tired and grouchy by the time I did get to sleep.So when did the spooks decide to visit ... the bed was cosy, and not the haunted one, so I finally got to sleep .. and then the lightest of touches, twice, down my spine .. and both times I told the ghosts to buzz off because I was too tired. I kicked myself in the morning about it .. but I do not do well without good sleep. Definitely a place worth visiting again.

and England and Scotland

Mercat Tours, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Mercat underground tour was great fun. People are very good at scaring themselves, but some of the tales of what the ghosts had got up to in the past were a bit of a worry. I had the strange experience of sensing lost souls as we all first entered the catacombs beneath the city .. doesn't it sound dramatic .. what it was most was dusty. The guide did a good, if overdramatic job, of telling us the history of the place, and gruesome it is, and telling us 'what might happen'. What did happen was 'nothing much'. A sense of presence in the first area, a couple of scared living people in the second, a sense of someone nasty in the main area - umm.. ok, so I sent angels after him. I doubt he'll have troubled anyone since. And then a wild desire to run quickly out of the place .. everyone else had that, as if we had worn out our welcome by hanging around .. I just climbed up the stairs at the end of the catacombs .. puffing a bit .. and was glad to be out in the daylight .. well night light actually.

Greyfriars Kirkyard

was a tour that was run by Mercat Tours, Edinburgh, Scotland but no longer seems
to be.

It is definitely haunted. I was strongly drawn over to the Covenanter's section of the cemetary, where ghost tours are now banned. It seems that 'bloody' George McKenzie likes to kick, bite and scratch people. When I started wandering in that direction the guide called me back in a hurry, but did not tell me why, and I didn't find out until after I got home.