Why we need psychic protection?
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What is psychic protection? It's a simple thing that we do to keep ourselves safe within our own energy. It stops us becoming a meal for others, for collecting negative energy and entities that move around us - generally unseen, and stops us from affecting others with our own negative energy - which is vital in a world that is fast tumbling backwards into chaos. Just look at the news on TV.What is going on
When the world of Light, Love and Harmony first opened up around me there was no talk of needing protection. The angels were beings who spoke only of Love and Healing and Joy. The world remained the same for a long time. Now this has changed and we are told that protection is a necessity not an option. But what do we need protection from?

The things we cannot see

It's been forty five years since I was warned not to 'dabble' in spiritualism, or in 'the Dark'. I was a small child then and had no idea what my mother was talking about. She said there were things 'out there' that would 'get me', like the bogey man in the cupboard. Things I was not sure I believed in, until my experiences taught me otherwise. The trouble was that 'things' used to come to find me - and there was no one I could tell about it, so I suffered in silence and lived in fear. Not a good place for a child. These days people are more open to Spirit and the worlds of energy. It gives children the opportunity to speak about what they are experiencing, and from there find help if they need it.

The novelty and excitement created by playing where we 'should not' is something that draws people into experiments with objects like ouija boards and certain type of drugs that give them the illusion of feeling connected to Spirit. The trouble is that this part of the connectedness is not always to the Lighter side of the energy.

In the past eighteen years the strength of the veil between Earth and the Void has decreased, and the energy of disruption that exists there finds it easier to traverse the gap and move among the humans in the third dimension. It is not enough that we have to contend with the many lost souls (ghosts) that now freely roam our plane, released from their entrapment by the increase in our spiritual frequency; we also have to deal with the entities humanity has created over their existence through uncontrolled emotional responses such as anger, fear and hate; then there are the Fallen Angels who are still in the Dark, and Demons, no longer just a part of human 'mythology'. Ordinary people are suffering from interference by those things that are not healthy or friendly to us, and Not just because they are dabbling in any way. It can now happen to anyone now.

I would love all of this to be in the realms of fantasy again, but it has become part of the human consciousness. Just look at the current spate of movies such as Constantine, back in 2005, to the glorification of the dark and paranormal that seems to be in practically every movie made these days. This type of 'entertainment' opens the human mind to the possibility of harassment by negative entities, which makes it so much easier for them to latch onto the living and cause major problems in their lives.

These entities can be created by humanity, as well as those created by the Fallen in the Dark, and the greater evils.

This is not imagination, nor, often, do we 'bring them on ourselves' with our lifestyle, attitudes, or actions, though sometimes that can be the case. The challenge is becoming so great, and the incident of attaching entities increasing so quickly, that it is a necessity to acknowledge an intelligence to the negative energy that exists in the spiritual realms. Recognising the danger when we do experiment without knowledge, or out of curiosity, is needed, and knowing the hows and whys of this danger is important for our safety, so that we can seek healing when we do pick up something we cannot handle ourselves.

And then there are psychic vampires -

As people experiment with the paranormal and the spiritual, they must also consider that the person sitting next to them in the train, on a bus, in the park, or at work, might be capable of draining them of all their vitality without them being aware of it .. except that they end up feeling a little tired, or a lot tired, and blame it on the 'night before', or 'not sleeping well', or boredom and the desire not to go to work. The person doing the draining might not be conscious that they do this, but 'always feel better' after sitting and talking to someone else (perhaps one person in particular), be it a stranger, a friend or a family members. They will end up not knowing why they are frequently avoided, which is heartbreaking in many ways, because everyone needs a friend sometimes .. and if they choose to use this gift for draining others consciously, they might either make a wonderful healer, or simply be a psychic vampire .. which is a subject I cover in another article.

Two examples of the ordinary situations that can cause distress -

* I had lunch with a friend today who says she needs to learn to protect herself at work more because she is being drained by some of those people she tries to help. She is a nurse. In a hospital many people are desperately ill, have no energy and live in fear of what is happening to them. They will latch onto someone who is trying to help, such as the nurses, doctors and support staff, who are around them all the time. They might literally grab a person's hand or arm, but what their energy does is reach out to the people and latch in a cord, a feeder line, that quietly draws energy from every person they contact, including their families when they come to visit. If they touch many people they might take a little from each, but if there's only a few .. the few end up exhausted, and might not realise why.

* Another friend asked my advice when her 'white light' shield, something she has used for years, and truly believes in, was suddenly not strong enough to protect her from the negative energy she encounters in her work. What was she doing wrong? As a hands-on healer, with a very loving heart, she was giving too much, and when she disconnected from her clients she did not restore her own energy circuit each time; and because she had an emotional connection to each of them she did not realise that this also creates cords of energy that were useful but also draining. The usefulness came from being able to read her clients' energy at a distance, but it also meant they could drain her energy anytime they thought of her and that she sent them energy every time she thought of them.

And then there was that one memorable day in London, in 2006, that I forgot about my shields. I went to a pub near Angel Railway Station to go to a Reiki Practice group, the same pub we had visited a month before. It didn't cross my mind that I would need to protect myself beyond the usual white light shield. How did I collect it? I walked into the place.

When I arrived I passed through the upper floors and down into an area that 'felt' like a dungeon. We immediately moved the Reiki group outside onto the garden area, and everyone enjoyed themselves, except me - because I was becoming more and more hyperactive, running myself into the ground, and my guides wouldn't let me work, which frustrated me more than I would usually react.

But Why?

It was not until a couple of hours later that I realised that I was not well. I was swaying on my feet, dizzy in the head, but strangely, not upset in the stomach - which usually happens when my balance is unsettled. It took me until the next morning to realise that what I was feeling was caused by something outside myself - which would have been my first thought if someone had brought the same problem to me for healing, so affected was my thinking. I had been 'slimed' (do you remember Slimer of the Ghostbusters stories?) by negative etheric energy. Once I cleared it from my aura I was fine, but until I did I could not raise my head, nor turn it, without losing my balance and falling, or feeling that way even though I was lying down. If I had been wearing a stronger shield this would not have happened at all. I started using them regularly.

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