Psychic Vampires

The legend of the vampire is true, but not necessarily the sanguine variety, but certainly psychic vampires are very common, particularly among the living. Vampires exist, not as mystical beasts, but as living human who have a chemical imbalance in the bodies and cannot process certain proteins without getting it in a liquid form. There are others. The people we are talking about today are energy/psychic vampires, who cannot process the same energy that we all draw from Mother Earth, nor much of that which they draw from other humans. They are not immortal. They do not have special powers etc.

Where psychic vampires are concerned, the legends go back into time. The stories of icubus and succubus are based on energy exchanges through sex energy (base chakra). I have read many stories of Chinese 'ghosts' who drain the life force of the person they are haunting, as do any lost souls in our societies, living or dead.

To be technical -

People become psychic vampires when their Earth Star chakra becomes unbalanced. As you probably know, we have seven major chakras, five minor and over two hundred and eighty nadis (chakras) 'in' our physical and energy bodies. The Earthstar is outside the physical self about twelve inches (30 centimetres) beneath your feet. It is brown in colour, the same size and shape as the other major chakras (there are also two above our heads and many more through the layers of the aura). It's frequency is far slower than base chakra.

When the earthstar is malfunctioning a person cannot draw enough energy to sustain their physical self. We draw some energy from the 'air', but most of it from the earth itself. Our bodies are made of the same components and chemicals as Mother Gaia. Without this energy we wither and die, just like the tree that is uprooted.

The vampire has to find another way of attaining the energy. They become aware of enjoying being with certain types of people. They are usually sympathetic listeners, empaths, because empaths automatically connect (through energy cords) to everyone they speak with. The vampire uses these connections to draw energy from their victim. They will take as much as the other person allows them to. The 'allowing' is usually on the subconscious level, just as the feeding is, but when they do it on the conscious level it can become painful for giver. They are draining 'life force'.

In the case of conscious feeders White Light Shields are sometimes not enough, as they are designed to protect from higher energy beings, and normal people do not think to use them when having a chat with other people. In the case of the unconscious feeder, the shield will work for a time, but since we usually 'connect' to everyone when we meet them - we analyse their energy through our auras, words, telepathy etc - the cords will go straight through the shield - and with repeat contact eventually they are strong enough for the vampire to feed whenever the person comes to their mind, regardless of distance.

When you cut cords with people like this you will find they get in contact with you pretty quickly. I regularly ask the Michael (guardian angels) to disconnect me from everyone, and allow then only family members and friends back into connection. If I feel like I have been fed upon by someone, I know that that someone will contact me soon enough. They 'desire' something, just a friendly chat - and to reconnect. It is up to us, consciously, to deny them that contact. They they will find someone else to feed on .. or there is a more logical solutiton.

There is a school of thought that says 'feed them'. Fill them full of Reiki, or white light energy, and while this is easier than being drained, it is not a solution to the problem - for they go on draining anyone and everyone they meet. In a social sense, they soon lose friends and move on from group to group, repeating the same pattern, until they are loners and have no friends. And this is not good for anyone. Humans are social animals, we require people to grow and learn.

Fix the problem ...

Remembering that the vampire suffers from a malfunctioning earthstar chakra. Offer them healing. They may well refuse, and if they do offer it to their higher selves - who do not refuse.

Bring their face to mind and send them distance healing. ** Reiki will do, or a stronger technique, if you specialize in one. The focus of the distance healing is to revitalise and repair the Earthstar chakra and then go upwards through the other chakras. You can choose to see the eight chakras (nine if you recognise Thymus) as a string of coloured balls or round crystals. The eighth colour is brown, Earthstar, then the red Base chakra, orange Sacral, yellow Solar Plexus, green Heart (can be pink), turquoise Thymus, blue Throat, indigo Brow and magenta Crown (can be silver). I visualize spinning the balls until they are perfectly round, cleared, healed and balanced. All the same size (except thymus which is the size of your palm chakra) and perfectly coloured. They flush the aura with energy to clear out whatever accumulated muck is present. You might have to do this entire healing process a few times before the person truly starts to benefit. It depends on how much they resist the change.

Then the vampire does not need to feed - but that does not mean they will stop.

When I meet one of these people I tell them what they are doing. Most of the time they are shocked. I've only met one woman who knew exactly what she was doing and was not prepared to stop. What do you do?

Ask for help? What I do is disconnect the psychic vampire's capacity to feed. Thicken their auric shield so that they can learn to stay within their own energy and start using the earth energy we all receive in abundance. They will then be forced to draw energy the way they are supposed to. (I have discussed the ethics of this with many people and now no longer feel uncomfortable with my ability to do this.) The shield automatically returns to normal over a short period of time, but it allows the psychic vampire time to learn different feeding techniques.

** When you go to do distance healing, remember you are connecting an energy cord to the psychic vampire and remember to cut it afterwards - because they will take advantage of any cords and use them to draw energy to themselves. When you examine their energy they may well look like a man of war jellyfish, a solid energy core with so many cords you cannot count. It is not healthy, or natural, for humans to be psychic vampires. We only do it when we can find no other source of energy. It becomes a habit, or a pleasure, over time.

That is the basics of the information I can share with you about psychic vampires.

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